Playing rules and helpful tips!

Your booking and playing Footgolf here at Rushden Footgolf is on condition you follow our playing rules :

1.     All footgolf round games will consist of NO MORE than 5 players, who may be from a MAXIMUM of TWO different households as long as they ALL MAINTAIN social 2m distances from each other. NO EXCEPTIONS will be entertained with this rule .

2.     WE WILL NOT ACCEPT FOOTGOLF PLAYERS ONTO THE COURSE WITHOUT PRIOR PREBOOKING EITHER ONLINE OR BY PHONE. You must therefore only enter into the reception area with an aim to be between 10 and 15 minutes before your exact pre-booked kick-off (tee-off)  time, so as we can safely space out players easily.  

3.     Please respect our social distance rule from all other visitors at reception and on course. You must follow our guidance signs at ALL TIMES. You may have to form a short queue outside our reception doors so as to keep our check-in desk free of ANY EXCESS groupings of people (and so highlighting the importance of 2 above) . You’ll be asked to apply hand sanitiser within the reception. Once you have walked out of reception into the range/towards course, you will NOT be allowed back into reception by doubling-back. Only via main entrance again, so as to allow a one-way walking system.

4.     Our toilet facility will not be open to all visitors – only in emergency . Please kindly “plan ahead” accordingly!!

5.     We regret that we’re only able to accept credit card payments . No cash payments will be accepted.

6.     If any person feels unwell/showing symptoms within your group, then please DO NOT attend our premises, and by all means kindly let us know of cancellation. Facemasks as an attempt to mask the problem is not acceptable.

7.     Please bring your own footballs : however if really not possible, please enquire about VERY LIMITED ball hire availability.

8.     When on course, DO NOT EVER TOUCH our hole-flags (or ‘pins’- LEAVE them in position) and LEAVE all our golf-hole base-fillings WELL ALONE ! This will keep any infection possibility as minimized as we can.  

9.     Keep distant from any footgolf games in front and behind you – and certainly maintain the MINIMUM 2m distance rule .

10.  Once you return from the course, please kindly return to your vehicles : NO  groupings of people within our communal patio areas are permitted other than from within the same household 


*Our green fees for the 12 hole course  for 1 round of 12 holes are £8.00 for adults (over 15 yrs), £5.50 for under 15’s, and under 7’s WHEN ACCOMPANIED by a paying and playing responsible 18yr + adult, are FREE . 

*Our green fees for the 24 hole course  for 1 round of 24 holes are £11.50 for adults (over 15 yrs), £7.50 for under 15’s, and under 7’s WHEN ACCOMPANIED by a paying and playing responsible 18yr + adult, are FREE .

 We confirm that your tee start time is as above, and that your game of 12 holes will last between approx. 1 hr  to 1 hr 20 mins (and for 24 holes , 1hr 45 mins to 2 hrs 5 mins ) depending on the number in your group/”game” and how well you cope with the challenging greens we have here (?!) 

Please kindly note:

*We warmly welcome all children to play on the course whatever their age ! However, all children UNDER 15 years of age must have one or more responsible adults of 18 years or over playing in that game (ie on the same hole) !

*Maximum on one playing hole is 5 players

*Please arrive at least 10 mins  before your tee start time commences.

*Only trainers with gripped soles (of various sorts) are allowed on the course…. No studded/bladed football boots !

*We strongly advise you to be prepared with sunscreen as is necessary

*Please allow any faster players behind you to be courteously  ‘waved through’ ….. BUT WITH REGARD TO ABOVE , KEEP DISTANCE….. and avoid confusing balls !

*Please watch out on course for our white-topped marker posts which delineate mainly the rough grass separation from one fairway to the next adjacent one. If your ball lands beyond this “line” of posts, you should add one to your score-card and then drop your ball back within “play” , but not closer to the hole ! This “golf rule” adds a little “spice” to your game – and rewards a straight, accurate  kick seen from great players like Iniesta or Kevin Phillips (rather than huge ballooned efforts ) .

*Watch out for our newly formed bunkers – they are a hazard , they don’t constitute an “out-of-bounds” score addition, but do demand a tricky “toe-chip” that’ll be VERY DELICATE if near to the green ! Also, if you’ve not played the course before, the key to winning the game is a FAR MORE delicate approach “futt” (footgolf’s putt…..) just to get the ball nearer to the hole on the greens is the secret to a low score, rather than tap it firmly and sail off the back of the green !

*Please bring your own size 5 footballs (“std” size, but smaller can be used for young children) – please beware that our attractive groups of trees consist of  native ‘Quickthorn’ and whilst they’re a challenging course ‘obstacle’, balls kicked carelessly hard into them MAY BE PUNCTURED !

*We respectfully ask you not to kick footballs in and around the car park, Nelly’s Kitchen patio , or golf driving range areas where there can be a high risk of injury to others or yourselves in doing so !

* Be aware that there is a large pond within the course , that, whilst variable in water depth depending on rainfall, can be very deep and young children MUST NOT make any attempt to climb over the fence to retrieve any ball that has strayed into the water ! The pond now forms a hazard with the new 12 hole course , and is covered by a netting . DO NOT PULL the netting to retrieve any caught footballs ! Use the fish-landing-net or retrieval device provided (!) only, and PLEASE PLACE IT BACK IN HOLDER AFTER USE FOR OTHERS TO FIND IT EASILY ! 

We look forward to welcoming you here soon. Take extra care everyone.

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